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Ambassador Programme

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A crucial pillar in the implementation of the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH) are individuals who are committed to putting the ESCNH into practice, by prioritising their dissemination and realisation within their communities. Without their continuous commitment and engagement, implementation activities across Europe would not be possible.

To honour and encourage these admirable efforts, EFCNI has launched the Ambassador Programme, which provides a platform to showcase outstanding contributions and increase visibility by various stakeholders from all over Europe.

The programme primarily aims at promoting the implementation of the ESCNH and increase awareness through different channels. To do so, Ambassadors are provided with easily accessible, bundled materials, and standardised information. These materials are useful for both presentations on national and international level, and social media campaigns, by providing, for example, useful hashtags, PowerPoint templates, standards in brief, a Call to Action, the implementation toolkit, and the information brochure. Ambassadors can also request individualised quote cards to distribute at various events to extend the outreach of the ESCNH.

With combined forces, we not only increase awareness and expand our network dedicated to the implementation of the ESCNH – but ultimately make better care for preterm and hospitalised babies a reality to help them survive and thrive.

Meet our current Ambassadors

Areas of activity for Ambassadors

Ambassadors are free to decide on the range of activities they use to advance the implementation of the ESCNH. The following list gives an overview of current activities:

Application process

If you are interested in becoming part of the ESCNH Ambassador Programme, please send us an email to standards@efcni.org with a short biography (preferably in one page) and a letter of motivation regarding your previous and future contributions to advance the implementation of the ESCNH.

For interested Chair Committee members, who continuously offer valuable contributions to the development, implementation, and revision of the standards, it suffices to send an email to standards@efcni.org with a list of recent activities regarding the promotion of the ESCNH.

Please note that once you have officially joined the Ambassador Programme, you are kindly asked to submit an annual short summary of the activities you engaged in to promote the implementation of the ESCNH. Thank you in advance for your interest and your efforts to improve the care for vulnerable newborns in Europe and beyond!

Group picture of team and ambassadors.
Ambassador kick-off meeting at the 5th Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS) in Rome 2023.