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Ambassador Livia Nagy Bonnard

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Livia Nagy Bonnard has been one of the founding members of Right(s) beside you Association-Patient organisation for preterm infants in Hungary. The Association brings together doctors, medical professionals, policy makers, NGOs, and parents of preterm children in order to improve the quality of care. She advocates for family-centred care as an EUPATI patient expert in Hungary and Europe-wide, as part of the Faculty of FINE (Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education) training in Hungary and as a patient researcher on several national and international research projects. Though born in Hungary, she now lives on the French-Swiss border, so she has a deep insight into the NICU and follow-up systems in Hungary, France, and Switzerland. She is a mother of 4 children, 3 girls, and a preemie boy who was born at gestational week 27 and who lives with many challenges as consequences of his early birth. Livia is a trained nurse, she worked mostly with babies and children in cardiac departments and a CICU (cardiac intensive care unit). Livia Nagy Bonnard is a member of the PPPAB of the ESCNH since 2015. PPAB member for European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) between 2015-2023, and a Chair Committee Member for the Global Alliance for Newborn Care (GLANCE).

Ongoing since May 2016Annual presentation about the ESCNH to undergraduate medical students at Semmelweis University. Focus on infant- and family-centred developmental care.Budapest, Hungary
ScheduledWebinar and presentation of the ESCNH. Focus on Follow-up & continuing care.Hungary
September 2023Presentation of ESCNH related patient advocacy at Hungarian Patient Associations Meet-up as well as at the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Patient Association Platform.Budapest, Hungary
October 2022Presentation relating to ethical decision-making during a conference on the topic of the “Grey Zone“.Kecskemét, Hungary
September 2019Presentation of the ESCNH at the Hungarian Perinatal Association Conference.Siófok, Hungary
June 2019Roundtable discussion of the ESCNH implementation with the Health Policy Department.Budapest, Hungary
May 2019Presentation of the ESCNH at the Conference for “Possibilities for Family Support” held at the Hungarian Parliament. Focus on infant- and family-centred developmental care.Budapest, Hungary
March 2019Roundtable discussion of the implementation of the ESCNH with the secretary of state and the president of the Visiting Nurse Association.Budapest, Hungary
May 2017Presentation of the ESCNH alongside Professor Umberto Simeoni at the Young Neonatologist Conference. Focus on infant- and family-centred developmental care.Kecskemét, Hungary
September 2016Presentation of the ESCNH alongside Dr Dietmar Schlembach at the Hungarian Perinatal Associaton Conference. Focus on birth and transfer. Nyíregyháza, Hungary
May 2016Presentation of the ESCNH at the Young Neonatologist Conference.Kecskemét, Hungary
November 2015Workshop at the European Parliament in Brussels.Brussels, Belgium

We thank Ms Nagy Bonnard for her outstanding efforts to raise awareness for the ESCNH in Hungary and beyond. Her advocacy on behalf of preterm infants and their families, coupled with her medical background, teaching, and lecturing activities, make her a powerful ally for the ESCNH.