Same shot, same schedule: Vaccination equality for preterm and full-term infants

2024-04-19 / Allgemein

  Despite being widely recommended, immunisation of preterm infants is frequently delayed, exposing this vulnerable group to various preventable diseases. The review article “An update on vaccination in preterm infants” by Lillian de Santos Rodrigues Sadeck and Renato de Ávila Kfouri delves into recent research on vaccine safety, effectiveness, and immunogenicity in preterm infants, shining […]

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Beyond birth: Insights into emotional wellbeing of mothers after very preterm birth

2024-03-22 / News

Mothers and children share a close bond. Latest research shows just how close this bond is: maternal resilience and the long-term health and developmental trajectories of very preterm (VPT) children show a significant connection. The seminal cross-national study, conducted in 11 European countries by Lena Wohlers et al., furnishes invaluable insights into this connection, demonstrating […]

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Unexplored aspects: Improving maternity care through patient-reported outcomes

2024-02-23 / News

Approximately one-third of women report challenges in their birth experience, along with issues related to healthcare responsiveness and shared decision-making six months postpartum. In the pursuit of comprehensive healthcare quality assessment, traditional clinical indicators often fall short of capturing the nuanced aspects of patient well-being. A retrospective cohort study, conducted by Anouk Klootwijk et al., […]

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Bridging gaps in neonatal care across Cyprus and Greece: ESCNH Ambassador Dr Vavouraki and Ms Pantelides meet with Cypriot Health Minister Dr Kanaris

2024-01-30 / News

A guest article by Dr Eleni Vavouraki and Pani Pantelides It was a trip to remember: Dr Eleni Vavouraki, President of the partner parent organisation Ilitominon and Ambassador for the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH), travelled to Cyprus for a short visit on the island. On 24 November 2023, Dr Vavouraki, together […]

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Manual ventilation in neonates and preterm infants: An expert interview

2023-12-18 / News

Whenever manual ventilation in the delivery room (DR) or in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is necessary, caregivers face a demanding task. They have to avoid over- and underventilation as well as keep track of multiple tasks being performed simultaneously, to name just some of the particular challenges. Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) is the […]

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Greetings to our newest experts – thrilled to have you on board!

2023-11-24 / News

  Changes in the Chair Committee We are happy to announce that the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH) will be supported by our newest additions to the Chair Committee, Professor Willem de Boode from the Netherlands and Dr Florian Langhammer from Germany who will both act as Vice Chairs for the Topic […]

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Results of the public consultation phase 2023

2023-09-25 / News

We are delighted to announce that the public consultation of 76 standards, which are currently under expert revision, was successful. In total, we received 318 questionnaires of more than 50 participants across Europe and beyond (21 countries in total). The standards with the greatest number of respondents were “Clinical consultation and supervision for healthcare professionals […]

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Rebuilding after the earthquake – The power of parental involvement in Turkey

2023-07-05 / News

Guest article by İlknur Okay, President of El Bebek Gül Bebek, Turkey After the devastating earthquake took place in 11 cities in South Eastern Turkey on 6 February 2023, many buildings collapsed or were damaged, including the public hospitals. As the national Turkish parent organisation, El Bebek Gül Bebek, we did our best to support […]

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