Second digital implementation workshop: Exchange of Italian and Portuguese partners

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This June, the second digital implementation workshop of the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH) took place with two of our best practice countries Italy and Portugal, which have made outstanding efforts to implement the ESCNH in their country. The aim of the workshop was to continue the success of the first implementation workshop by providing an international and interdisciplinary platform, creating a space to exchange progress and learn from each other to ultimately strengthen national implementation strategies in neonatal care.

Both countries were represented by their national neonatology associations, NIDCAP representatives, nurse associations as well as national parent organisations. In total, 23 individuals including three representatives from EFCNI took part in the interdisciplinary workshop.


Content of the workshop

After a warm welcome by Silke Mader (EFCNI), country representatives were invited to provide an update regarding the implementation progress of the ESCNH. In representation of the Italian implementation Task Force of the ESCNH, Dr Gina Ancora, Natascia Simeone (SIN, NIDCAP Rimini), Dr Roberta Arena (SIN) and Natascia Bertoncelli (NIDCAP Modena) shared their past and upcoming implementation activities including the development of an implementation study in 12 pilot hospitals. The Portuguese progress was presented by Estela Coutinho and Paula Guerra (XXS), Lídia Videira (APEPEN) and Dr Gabriela Mimoso (SPN). A group discussion offered an opportunity to ask questions and reflect on challenges regarding the national implementation progress.

Next, Dr María Maestro López, neonatologist and invited guest speaker, presented the best practice example from the University Hospital October 12 in Madrid. She introduced findings from a national survey and highlighted how the ESCNH are integrated in their hospital work and training courses.

Last, Isabel Geiger, coordinator of the ESCNH, provided an update regarding the revision process of the ESCNH and shared details regarding the upcoming implementation activities.

Thanks to all parties involved, and the lively discussions, the second implementation workshop was as a great success. We warmly thank all participants for their active participation and for their great efforts to implement the ESCNH in their countries – we are already looking forward to our follow-up meeting next year.