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Chair Team

The Chair Team are Dr Atle Moen, Norway, and Assoc Professor Bente Tandberg, Norway.

We thank our former Co-Chair Dr Boubou Hallberg, Sweden for his valuable contributions.


Members of the Topic Expert Group are:

  • Prof Sidarto Bambang Oetomo, The Netherlands
  • Delphine Druart, Belgium
  • Katarina Eglin, Germany
  • Prof Uwe Ewald, Sweden
  • Prof Fabrizio Ferrari, Italy
  • Prof Peter Fröst, Sweden
  • Teresa Garzuly-Rieser, Austria
  • Dr Erna Hattinger-Jürgenssen, Austria
  • Silke Mader, Germany
  • Dr Tomasz Makaruk, Poland
  • Dr Thilo Mohns, The Netherlands
  • Prof Jacques Sizun, France
  • Prof Robert White, USA