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Infant- & family-centred developmental care

Chair Team

The Chair Team are Associate Professor Anna Axelin, Finland, and Professor Pierre Kuhn, France.

We thank our former Chair Dr Björn Westrup, Sweden for his valuable contributions.


Members of the Topic Expert Group are:

  • Dr Sari Ahlqvist-Björkroth, Finland
  • Natascia Bertoncelli, Italy
  • Dr Nils Bergman, Sweden
  • Prof Zack Boukydis, Hungary (†)
  • Sylvia Caballero, Spain
  • Dr Charlotte Casper, France
  • Mandy Daly, Ireland
  • George Damhuis, The Netherlands
  • Dr Manuela Filippa, Italy
  • Paula Guerra, Portugal
  • Prof Petra Hüppi, Switzerland
  • Dr Kai König, Switzerland
  • Birgitte Lenes-Ekeberg, Norway
  • Siri Lilliesköld, Sweden
  • Dr Rosario Montirosso, Italy
  • Dr Carmen Pallás Alonso, Spain
  • Dr Milica Rankovic-Janevski, Serbia
  • Prof Jacques Sizun, France
  • Dr Kari Slinning, Norway
  • Dr Inga Warren, UK

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Birth & transfer
Ethical decisions
NICU design
Care procedures
Follow-up & continuing care
Data collection & documentation
Infant- & family-centred developmental care
Patient safety & hygiene practice
Education & training
Medical care & clinical practice