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Follow-up & continuing care

Chair Team

The Chair Team are Professor Dieter Wolke, UK/Germany, and PD Dr Britta Hüning, Germany.

We thank our former Co-Chair Dr Aleid Leemhuis, The Netherlands for her valuable contributions.


Members of the Topic Expert Group are:

  • Prof Laura Bosch, Spain
  • Dr Christiaan Geldof, The Netherlands
  • Prof Mijna Hadders-Algra, The Netherlands
  • Dr Ingmar Fortmann, Germany
  • Dr David Göttler, Germany
  • Prof Christoph Härtel, Germany
  • Prof Egbert Herting, Germany
  • Dr Bregje Houtzager, The Netherlands
  • Dr Shelley Hymel, Canada
  • Dr Julia Jäkel, USA/Germany
  • Prof Mark Johnson, UK
  • Prof Samantha Johnson, UK
  • Prof Eero Kajantie, Finland
  • Dr Anne van Kempen, The Netherlands
  • Dr Karen Koldewijn, The Netherlands
  • Prof Liisa Lehtonen, Finland
  • Prof Johannes Liese, Germany
  • Silke Mader, Germany
  • Prof Els Ortibus, Belgium
  • Dr Anne-Marie Oudesluys-Murphy, The Netherlands
  • Dr Vilhelmiina Parikka, Finland
  • Dr Veronique Pierrat, France
  • Assoc Prof Federico Prefumo, Italy
  • Prof Alessandra Sansavini, Italy
  • Dr Gert van Steenbrugge, The Netherlands
  • Dr Irma van Straaten, The Netherlands
  • Dr Jacqueline UM Termote, The Netherlands
  • Prof Tracy Vaillancourt, Canada
  • Mónica Virchez Figueroa, Spain
  • Prof Brigitte Vollmer, UK
  • Dr Marie-Jeanne Wolf-Vereecken, The Netherlands