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Ethical decision-making & palliative care

Chair Team

The Chair Team are Professor Jos Latour, UK, and Dr Marina Cuttini, Italy.

We thank our former Co-Chair Professor Gorm Greisen, Denmark for his valuable contributions.


Members of the Topic Expert Group are:

  • Elsa Afonso, Spain/UK
  • Prof Hans-Ulrich Bucher, Switzerland
  • Dr Laurence Caeymaex, France
  • Prof Nicholas Embleton, UK
  • Dr Milivoj Novak, Croatia
  • Dr Daniel Nuzum, Ireland
  • Prof Jochen Peters, Germany
  • Karl Rombo, Sweden
  • Yannic Verhaest, Belgium
  • Dr Daniel Wood, UK

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Birth & transfer
Ethical decisions
NICU design
Care procedures
Follow-up & continuing care
Data collection & documentation
Infant- & family-centred developmental care
Patient safety & hygiene practice
Education & training
Medical care & clinical practice