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Data collection & documentation

Chair Team

The Chair Team are Dr James Webbe, UK, and Dr Nicholas Lack, Germany.

We thank our former Chair Professor Gérard Bréart, France for his valuable contributions.


Members of the Topic Expert Group are:

  • Mandy Daly, Ireland
  • Prof Mika Gissler, Finland
  • Prof Wolfgang Göpel, Germany
  • Prof Dominique Haumont, Belgium
  • Dr Kjell Helenius, Finland
  • Prof Jos Latour, UK
  • Dr Ashna Hindori-Mohangoo, The Netherlands
  • Vilni Verner Holst Bloch, Norway
  • Prof Helmut Hummler, Germany
  • Dr Begoña Loureiro Gonzalez, Spain
  • Prof Neena Modi, UK
  • Dr Miklós Szabó, Hungary
  • Prof Roger Soll, USA
  • Dr Liis Toome, Estonia
  • Dr Eleni Vavouraki, Greece
  • Ben Wills-Eve, UK
  • Dr Jennifer Zeitlin, France

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Birth & transfer
Ethical decisions
NICU design
Care procedures
Follow-up & continuing care
Data collection & documentation
Infant- & family-centred developmental care
Patient safety & hygiene practice
Education & training
Medical care & clinical practice