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Birth & transfer

Chair Team

The Chair Team are Dr Dietmar Schlembach, Germany, and Professor Umberto Simeoni, Switzerland.


Members of the Topic Expert Group are:

  • Assoc Prof Ola Andersson, Sweden
  • Prof Annette Bernloehr, Germany
  • Dr Morten Breindahl, Sweden
  • Amanda Burleigh, UK
  • Prof Irene Cetin, Italy
  • Dr Maurizio Gente, Italy
  • Dr Štefan Grosek, Slovenia
  • Dr Gilles Jourdain, France
  • Prof Franz Kainer, Germany
  • Prof Anna Locatelli, Italy
  • Dr Andrew Leslie, UK
  • Livia Nagy Bonnard, Switzerland
  • Asta Radzeviciene, Lithuania
  • Dr Nandiran Ratnavel, UK
  • Prof Heike Rabe, UK
  • Prof Rainer Rossi, Germany
  • Prof Matthias Roth-Kleiner, Switzerland
  • Prof Gerard A.H. Visser, The Netherlands
  • Prof Luc Zimmermann, The Netherlands

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Birth & transfer
Ethical decisions
NICU design
Care procedures
Follow-up & continuing care
Data collection & documentation
Infant- & family-centred developmental care
Patient safety & hygiene practice
Education & training
Medical care & clinical practice