Welcome to our newest experts – great to have you!

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We are happy to share that the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH) have three new Chair Committee members:

Our new Chair Committee members are renowned experts in their fields, meaning that the ESCNH as a whole stand to benefit from their skills and knowledge. We are sure that our newest additions to the Chair Committee will enrich the conversations about how to improve neonatal care in Europe with their insights and expertise.


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At the same time, sincere thanks go out to our former chairs,

  • Dr Aleid Leemhuis (former co-chair for the TEG Follow-up and continuing care),
  • Odile Frauenfelder (former co-chair for the TEG Care procedures), and
  • Dr Björn Westrup (former chair for the TEG Infant- and family-centred developmental care).

Their dedication and hard work in the previous years shaped the ESCNH in lasting ways. They also helped significantly in advancing new approaches to neonatal care across Europe.


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Besides changes in the Chair Committee, we are excited to announce that the Parent, Patient and Public Advisory Board (PPPAB) was newly elected as well. It consists of the following members:

  • Mandy Daly,
  • Stephanie Ernst,
  • Paula Guerra,
  • Vilni Verner Holst Bloch,
  • Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez,
  • Livia Nagy Bonnard,
  • İlknur Okay, and
  • Dr Eleni Vavouraki.

The PPPAB represents the voices of patients, affected parents, and the general public, and ensures that their needs and interests are considered at all times in the making and shaping of the ESCNH.


We thank our former members of the PPPAB for being such tireless advocates on behalf of families everywhere:

  • Dr Tomasz Makaruk (Poland),
  • Dr Gert van Steenbrugge (the Netherlands),
  • Yannic Verhaest (Belgium), and
  • Mónica Virchez (Spain).


For more information about who steers the ESCNH, please visit our Chair Committee page.