ESCNH information brochure is now available in Portuguese

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We are happy to announce that the information brochure about the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH) is now also available in Portuguese. Translating the brochure to Portuguese is an essential step to further promoting the implementation the ESCNH across Portugal.

EFCNI would like to sincerely thank Dr Carmen Carvalho, Dr Eurico Gaspar, Dr Gabriela Mimoso, Dr Abílio Oliveira, Dr Edmundo Santos, Dr Fátima Clemente, Dr Cláudia Calado, Elsa Silva, Sara Paiva and Adriana Guerreiro for their great efforts to translate the brochure.

A special thanks goes to our partner parent organisation XXS – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio ao Bebé Prematuro for coordinating and strongly supporting the translation.

The information brochure is currently available in English, Bulgarian German, Greek, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Romanian. You can download these, and other materials at:


Download your copy in Portuguese