Чудово! The first European Standards of Care for Newborn Health have been translated into Ukrainian

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We are happy to announce that the topic of “Care Procedures” has been translated into Ukrainian! Thanks to the collaboration between the Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine and the national parent organisation “Ranni ptashky – Early Birds” as well as the help of the organisation “Moving Forward Together ” and the Czech Centres , the entire Standards relating to “Care Procedures” have been translated into Ukrainian. This project is also supported by the European Union under the “House of Europe” programme.


We want to highlight that the project benefits from the unprecedented levels of cooperation between healthcare and parent organisations who jointly coordinated the project. It shows, once more, that we achieve progress for babies born too soon and their families when we join forces and work together towards our common goal. The fact that the project receives funding from the European Union clearly signals that the EU recognizes the importance of making the Standards accessible in different languages and countries; this translation project has pan-European implications and serves as example.


Once more, we would therefore like to thank everyone involved, especially the translators, for their hard work and dedication. Дякую тобі!


The standards are available here: Care Procedures / Процедури догляду.


At the same time, we want to encourage other stakeholders and parent organisations to follow the example. If you would like to see the Standards translated into “your” language, please get in touch with us. We can help!