Important milestones for preterm babies and their parents in the Slovak Republic

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A guest article by Iveta Jančoková from the Slovakian parent organisation “maliček”


In the Slovak Republic it is not very common that parent representatives have the opportunity to present their cause in an expert forum for medical staff, therefore it was a great honour for us and “maliček” to be invited to talk about the parental view in preterm health during the international congress “Martin’s Days 2019”, taking place in Martin. At this conference we took the opportunity to present the European Standards of Care for Newborn Infants and the audience was very impressed by the project.


Another highlight at this meeting was the launch of the book “History of the care of infants in Slovakia”, whose authors were the first neonatologists in Slovakia and are great experts in this area. We are very proud that our non-profit organisation “maliček” and our activities are mentioned several times in this book. It is great to see that a parent organisation has become a part of history!

Image: Ľubica Kaiserová (president of “maliček”), MUDr. Ivan Frič (main author of the book), and Iveta Jančoková; Copyright: maliček

We are also invited to present the European Standards of Care for Newborn Infants at the meeting of the Slovak Pediatric Association. We are very excited and proud to be invited to these conferences, however we also realise that we still need to work hard on our skills to be able to discuss with healthcare professionals at eye level.


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