Chair Team

The Chair Team are Professor Pierre Tissières, France, and Dr Onno Helder, Netherlands.

Core Group

The members of the Core Group are:

Professor Daniele De Luca, France
Dr Cécile Dubois, France
Dr Eric Giannoni, Switzerland
Dr Jan Janota, Czech Republic
Prof Christoph Härtel, Germany
Dr Ulrik Lausten-Thomsen, Denmark
Dr Nolwenn Le Saché, France
Dr Paolo Manzoni, Italy
Prof Christian Poets, Germany
Dr Helen van der Sijs, Netherlands
Dr Cynthia van der Starre, Netherlands
Roland van Rens, Netherlands

Reference Group

The members of the Reference Group are:

Dr Susana Ares, Spain
Dr Alessandro Borghesi, Italy
Maria Josep Cabañas Poy, Spain
Estrella Gargallo, Spain
Silke Mader, Germany
Dr Josep Perapoch, Spain
Prof Rainer Rossi, Germany
Nicole Thiele, Germany
Dr Tobias Trips, Germany
Lucie Zackova, Czech Republic