In the project, standards will be developed for a wide range of topics in neonatal health. To this aim, we defined 11 broad areas. Each of these areas corresponds to a Topic Expert Group (TEG), the project’s working groups, each working on a different theme.

Due to the different topics, the constitution and the size of the Topic Expert Groups differ.

In all Topic Expert Groups, all Chair Teams and all members work on a voluntary basis. We thank everyone who works on the project for their time and their committment.


Descriptions of roles in the TEGs

Chair and Vice Chair
The Chair and the Vice Chair of the TEG act together as the Chair Team leading the TEG.

TEG member
TEG members are full members of the TEG. All members are expected to actively participate in the TEGs work. The specific roles of TEG members can depend on the structure of the TEG chosen by the Chair Team.

TEG advisor
Advisors support the TEG with their expertise on specific topics. The TEG will approach its advisors as and when required. The amount of involvement of advisors is to the discretion of the Chair Team.

Core Group member and Reference Group member
Some TEGs have the structure of a Core and a Reference Group. In these cases, the Core Group members will be involved at an earlier stage of standard drafting than the Reference Group members.


You can find out more about the Topic Expert Groups and their members by clicking on one of the icons below.