Standards will be drafted in 11 topic-specific Topic Expert Groups (TEG). Each TEG is headed by a Chair and Vice Chair. The members of the TEG panel comprise both health care professionals from different disciplines and parent representatives from different European countries, all working together as virtual teams. All TEG members work for the project on a voluntary basis.

Within the Topic Expert Groups, standards are drafted based on the available evidence and experience.


The drafts developed in the TEGs are subsequently discussed in the Chair Committee. The Chair Committee will vote on the adoption of the standard drafts developed in the TEG.


All supporting organisations, parent organisations, third parties, academic and professional organisations will be invited to endorse the standards.

Finalised standards will be published on the project website. All interested individuals can access the full-text standards after registration. There is no charge for registration or access to the standards.

Definition of a standard

For the context of the project, a standard defines the care and treatment that shall be provided by a neonatal service, with recommendations for monitoring and quality assurance.

Standards developed in the project follow a standard template harmonising the format and content of all standards.

Project standards do not have legal binding power: They are intended to be used as a reference for the national development of standards, which we hope will be binding and implemented.