Campaign: 11 months – 11 topics

With the campaign 11 Months – 11 Topics, EFCNI focuses its social media and online communication on one newborn health standard topic per month – starting from February until December. These monthly topics correspond to the eleven main subjects of the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health. Every month, the corresponding topic is explained by sharing related publications, news, interviews or guest articles.

The campaign 11 Months – 11 Topics took off in 2016 and aims at reaching out explicitly to health professionals and policy makers. Yet, also lay persons who are to benefit from the dissemination of the standards in the long run, namely the preterm babies and their parents, relatives, and friends are addressees of 11 Month 11 Topics. With this campaign, extensive information and best practice examples are shared to raise awareness of the needs of preterm patients and hence, for standards of care.

Here you find an overview of the topics which are featured monthly:

  • February: Data collection and documentation
  • March: Birth and transfer
  • April: Follow-up and continuing care
  • May: NICU design
  • June: Medical care and clinical practice
  • July: Ethical decision-making and palliative care
  • August: Nutrition
  • September: Education and training
  • October: Patient safety and hygiene practice
  • November: Infant- and family-centred developmental care
  • December: Care procedures

In 2020, the campaign enters its 5th year. It provides new features like the key demand for newborn health, an option for parent representatives, healthcare professionals and policy makers to express their demand to advance treatment and care for hospitalised newborns. Moreover, insights from the Toolkit, Shaping the future. Combining forces to improve newborn health, will be presented. Also, the Lighthouse projects will return. Introduced in 2018, this initiative shared best practice examples from all over Europe, showing where the standards had been successfully implemented. These lighthouses want to appreciate the commitment of those improving and implementing standards of care and they also serve as a source of inspiration for those who want to make a change in newborn care procedures.


The following articles and features have been published:

Data collection and documentation (February)

Birth & transfer (March)

Follow-up & continuing care (April)

NICU design (May)

Medical care & clinical practice (June)

Ethical decision making & palliative care (July)

Nutrition (August)

Education & training (September)

Patient safety & hygiene practice (October)

Infant- & family-centred developmental care (November)

Care Procedures (December)

The information provided in the campaign of the previous year is available here: